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If your organisation recruits high volumes of staff, the costs in agency fees soon mount up. Although agencies have their place, it’s always best to hire directly. That way you’re in control and can still push costs down. 

Webrecruit works with growing organisations looking to bring their recruitment in-house by providing the tools, technology and people to develop world-class resourcing capabilities.

Request more information and find out how you can:

  • Build a flexible direct hiring framework enabling you to source talent more efficiently
  • Reduce your reliance on agencies by implementing technology
  • Increase your ROI from advertising and reduce your cost-per-hire

Over the years we’ve helped many clients move from 90% agency use to 10% or less, delivering huge savings in time and money.

Request more information of Webrecruit’s managed solutions to see how it can work for you. Just fill out the form, or call us on 01392 823137.